SKI TV reporter and shareholder Chemmy Alcott skis the Lauberhorn GS course with the AICC races, 2022.

SKI TV, the worlds first magazine style snow, ski and snowboard channel is now available to watch across the world. The channel, which started in Australia as www.skitv.com.au now broadcasts on the giant ROKU network in the USA and on Amazon Firestick across the UK/Europe and the rest of the world.

According to owner and founder Geoff Harrison - "SKI TV is designed to be a broadcast hub for the world's ski, snowboard and winter sports enthusiasts, broadcasting a wide range of programming, including lifestyle, sport, weather, interviews with upcoming athletes, resort overviews and much more. SKI TV works with a large range of ski, snowboard, equipment and clothing manufacturers to provide a massive range of programming, well over 400 hours now and climbing.