Broadcast Live

Welcome to the SKI TV live event broadcast area.

If you are a ski resort, have an event or any other ski and snow-related broadcast possibility that you think
would be of interest to our snow mad audience, please let us know.

Steps to follow:

1. Contact SKI TV management to discuss broadcasting your event live on our channel and arrange a time slot/date/duration.
Geoff Harrison, content director – – Geoff will provide you with the correct RTMP/IP feed links to insert
into the OBS software to test your stream.

2. Download the free OBS broadcast software for Windows/Mac/Linux. – – it is recommended that the
IT manager of the resort or event gets familiar with this software to connect cameras, stream IP link, etc.

3. Insert the correct RTMP/IP links to OBS to connect to our HLS feed.

4. Set up your camera to broadcast from your event to your laptop or other device via a strong internet connection.
You will need an HDMI capture device between your camera and your computer. There are a number of low-cost options,
including this:

4. Broadcast your event on SKI TV!

SKI TV welcomes co-operation from ski resorts and event organizations from across the world for mutual benefit.
Become a SKI TV broadcast partner today!